Bianca here. I'm a New York based actress, singer, and professional karaoke-goer. Born and raised in Toronto, you might occasionally catch me saying s(oh)rry and ab(oo)t. Don't worry, I'm a dual citizen.

I've been acting since I was six. I played the mother in Moira and Max's Birthday Party, my 1st grade class play. The father got stage-fright, so I said all of his lines too.

At nine, I made my film debut as the daughter of Miranda Otto and William Fichtner in Julie Walking Home, directed by Agnieszka Holland. Acting is all I've wanted to do since.

I'm graduating from Juilliard in 2020 with an MFA in Drama. GROUP 49 FINE AS WINE AMIRITE

Feel free to wander around my website, and drop me a line on my Connect page! Thanks for stopping by.